Summit for Seventy - in Honor of Eric Newman to benefit Burns Recovered image

Summit for Seventy - in Honor of Eric Newman to benefit Burns Recovered

​Help Jake Kileen and Rachel Sanger raise $70,000 through their participation in 29029, in memory of counselor Eric Newman, to benefit Midwest Children's Burn Camp's 70 campers!

$7,585 raised

$70,000 goal

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Support a survivor's adventure at Midwest Children's Burn Camp!

Summit for Seventy: In Honor of Eric Newman

Eric Newman was a volunteer for many years at Burns Recovered and a camp counselor as well at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp. “Newman,” as he was so lovingly called by fellow campers and counselors, was that special person at camp that would always be around to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, and a shoulder to laugh or cry on. Newman had a beautiful strength about him - he was exponentially strong and courageous, yet always endearing and eager to share a laugh. We will all remember Newman and the beautiful memories of his presence will live on at MCBC for many years to come.

About the fundraiser:

Burns Recovered helps burn survivors live without limitations, fear, or insecurity since 1983. Midwest Children's Burn Camp (MCBC) is one of Burns Recovered many fabulous programs.

Jake and Rachel have been Camp volunteers for a combined nearly two decades! We are both so very passionate about helping burn survivor campers get to camp and have a wonderful experience. We are also both outdoor and adventure enthusiasts and want to challenge ourselves to summit 29029 feet in order to raise money for Burns Recovered.

Our goal is to raise $70,000, or $1,000 for each of the 70 campers who attend MCBC every summer! On average, 70 campers come to MCBC yearly and it costs $2,500 per each camper (a total of $175,000). However, no camper EVER pays ANY money to come to camp. The funding comes from generous donors like you! We are going to challenge ourselves to complete the 29029 event which is hiking the vertical equivalent of Mount Everest in less than 36 hours in honor of our campers that have challenges daily in recovering from their burn injury.

Jake and Rachel both volunteer their time with Burns Recovered/Midwest Children's Burn Camp. Jake is a St. Louis City Firefighter who also has trained a search and rescue dog and is on the search and rescue team for St. Louis City. Rachel is a nurse practitioner at Washington University and is also the volunteer Medical Director and Volunteer Liaison at Burns Recovered.

Please help us reach our "summit" of $70,000 by the summer of 2023!

More information about Burns Recovered can be found on their website at For more information about 29029, please visit their website at